Your audience and clients are real people with pain points and passions, struggles and stories. People connect with content that is real, lively, direct and meaningful.

My style

I write content that reflects you –a refreshing cocktail of your experience, your story, your personality and your vision. I write across digital and print media, specialising in websites, blogs and storytelling.

Writing is memorable and effective when it’s clear and inclusive. I won’t write in jargon or use pretentious vocab. I’ll do the research to make sure I’m explaining the right technical terms, so that no one feels alienated.  

What I write:

  • Case studies and long-form essays
  • Stories and personal accounts
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Marketing collateral

Something not on the list?

I also contract to:

For brands that attract and inspire: 

For all kinds of writing services, including bid documents, white papers and writing training:

Who do I write for?

I’m drawn to people and enterprises who are interested in sustainability, community building, teaching and self-development, and who are kind and thoughtful in how they live and run their business. 

I write across a variety of industries including tech support, insurance, ecommerce, an upcycling collective, architecture, and self-development. I quickly get my head around complex ideas and articulate them in an approachable and engaging way to your readers.

“Katie is extremely thorough and her passion for her work comes through in the standard of material she produces. Katie’s honesty and integrity is very refreshing and she can be relied upon to deliver on point and on time.”

– Terri Newman-Hodge – Coach, mentor and facilitator.