Book editing & support.


Whether you’re a confident writer or just starting out, it’s always handy to have a fresh pair of experienced eyes to look over your work.

Editing is so much more than replacing a few words here or there. It can mean re-ordering whole paragraphs, deleting wordy sentences, and finding the right words that include and hold onto your readers. 

I can help you edit and proofread your creative manuscript, non-fiction project, or academic work. 

Not sure if you’ve captured the right voice that will appeal to your audience? Let me help with that too.

Hands-off or hands-on writing support: you decide.

I offer three packages depending on your budget, writing confidence and ability, and the level of support you require. Let me be your accuracy meter, writing support, or even your ghostwriter.

Use me to bounce and test ideas, tidy up and add finesse to your work, or take writing off your plate!

Your investment:

*All prices are starting from, as each manuscript varies in length and complexity. After we have had an initial free 30-minute chat over Zoom, I’m able to give you a detailed and personalised quote. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Don’t get stuck in the editing stage.

Let me help you get your words ready for your readers. 

As a writer myself, I know the labour of love that goes into writing a book. It takes time, space and commitment. That’s why books can take a while (roughly the same gestation period as a human baby, sometimes as much as an elephant baby), so please get in touch early to meet your preferred turnaround time or deadlines.

*I also only take on a few book projects a year so please get in touch – even if you’re still in the idea phase – to avoid disappointment.*

Is a book on your horizon?

Happy client feedback.

I chose to work with Katie as I wanted to get some feedback on the first complete draft of my novel. I now feel more confident in the things that I’ve done well, especially when they’re the scenes I enjoyed writing and what I need to change to make it better.

I appreciated being able to talk to someone about my writing and how willing you were to help me and listen. The process was really helpful, not only in developing the actual content and characters of my book but also in strengthening my writing style and giving me directions on how to improve my language.

I really liked the writing exercises you gave at the beginning of our sessions, as it allowed me to think more in-depth about some things that I might not have considered, like using settings as characters and describing them as if they were characters in the story.

I will take all your notes and feedback and apply it to my future writing. These sessions truly were helpful for me, and I want to add a final thank you. 

Olivia Parkes – coaching client 2023

I’m really happy that I’ve actually managed to write a book! Thank you so much for your wonderful work, it has made a significant difference to the way the book is coming along. I feel like the book has been substantially improved thanks to your work and your feedback over coffees.

As well as learning from your work, I have also learnt tonnes from our conversations together. I feel like, as an editor, you actually also offer a teacher/mentor service alongside your editing service. So don’t let this aspect of your gifting and business go unnoticed.

– Andrew Hill

Katie was an absolutely tremendous helping hand when it came to writing my book. She not only sorted out all my spelling and grammar errors, of which there were many, but she navigated me perfectly through the editing process and came up with improvements to add finesse to my book and tell my story the way I wanted it to be told. Thank you for helping me Katie. 

– Emma Steel
Author of “The Monster Inside of Me.”

Katie! I’m sold. How do I get started?

Awesome – I like you already! All you need to do next is book a free chat to ask me any questions and see if we’re a good fit. Or simply complete the contact form on the same page and I will be in touch.