Whether you are a confident writer or just starting out, it’s always handy to have a fresh pair of experienced eyes to look over your work.

Editing is so much more than replacing a few words here or there. It can mean re-ordering whole paragraphs, deleting wordy sentences, and finding the right words that include and hold onto your readers. 

I can help you edit and proofread your documents, whether it is a business, technical, creative or academic project. 

Not sure if you’ve captured the right voice that will appeal to your audience? Let me help with that too.

I have experience in editing:

  • Blogs
  • Academic papers
  • Memoirs and stories
  • Newsletters
  • Website content
  • Business profiles

Don’t get stuck at the editing stage. Let me help you get your words ready for your readers. 

Katie has done a fantastic job editing my work. I appreciate that she offers her expertise with great thoroughness. She is well adept in her field. Alongside her excellent editing, she also asks the right questions that provide fuel for further wondering how I can better develop my work.

– Andrew Hill

Katie is our first choice for reviewing our copy. An amazingly accurate and detailed professional, we just love working with her and confidently recommend her to any business or individual.

– Kim Allen