Katie Rickson

New Zealand Based Copywriter. Editor. Actor.


Writes. Edits. Speaks.

I write, edit and speak to support you, your business and your community.

I am a freelance copywriter and editor based in Auckland, New Zealand. I want to see you succeed in your writing projects – whether it’s business, academic or creative – and will craft powerful, striking and clear words to suit your voice and engage your audience. 

I’m particularly passionate about supporting charities, social enterprises and organisations who are doing good things in their community.

I am also an actor, public speaker and storyteller.



I want your readers to take action. So, if you want people who read your blog, website or newsletter to feel like they can’t resist giving you a call to find out more, donate to your worthy cause, or work with you – let me help you with that.


Editing can seem boring and time consuming. But it’s obvious to your readers when a document is still in the draft phase. I can edit and proofread your academic, business or creative texts to get them to the beautiful, polished, and raring to be read phase.


Words can lift people and whole communities that may be feeling unloved, anxious and overwhelmed. I write performance poetry and give talks around identity, language, artistic expression and looking after ourselves and each other to churches, community groups and in academic settings. 

You’ll also find me acting on stage or storytelling to kids.

“I was struggling to find time to write my blog in amongst all the activity that comes with managing a business and a growing customer base. Add to that I hadn’t gone into business to be a writer, so it wasn’t a valuable activity for me. When I started considering getting it written for me the main things I wanted was to work with someone who understood my business, could tailor their style to suit what I wanted, and would take the time to research the content needed to write a good article.

In our first meeting Katie took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and what my business focus is, she also asked whether I had a plan on what I wanted to post. She then walked me through the process she would follow to write the blog and presented me with some options to consider. Since engaging Katie to write the blog, site traffic has increased which has led to increased customer engagement. I am pleased to have made the decision to have the blog written for me and excited to be working with Katie.”

Ant McMahon, Director – The IT Psychiatrist

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